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Mrs. Dustbin is a leading scrap metal processor. We know that metals that are thrown after the main use are count as metal scrap. It is essential to discard the metals properly so we can move ahead with a zero-waste society. As responsible people, we have to exchange or donate the metal scrap with the Metal Waste Buyers in Madipur.

Well, Mrs. Dustbin is your friend who is working as a waste manager. We purchase various kinds of metal waste from, home, office, and even industries. We will purchase the metal waste and separate them for the simple recycling of special metals.

Types of Metals Scrap We Buy


The prime source of aluminum waste is Soda. It can be discarded food wrap foils, a complete screen door frame, or even storm windows.


The wastage of the iron includes iron pans, lawnmowers, swings in your garden, and iron railings that are adequate as scrap metal. We accept all old iron items.


Copper is a precious metal available in the household plumbing, statues or living room decor, kitchen sinks, pots old roof accents, appliances, and even electronic wiring.


Scrap your stainless appliances, kitchen, sinks, trays, and appliances prepared of steel. If they are not in use, you can sell them in steel scrap.

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Mrs. Dustbin purchases the metal countrywide. For complete clearness we have noticeable weights on all our weighbridges and scales and proof all our processes in high-definition, from weighing into fragmentization, so we can give you the right footage of your recycling to make sure absolute compliance.

We also handle scrap metal collection nationally, with skips and containers of different sizes, a big fleet of ROROs, skip wagons, and artics. Metal Waste Dealer Paschim Vihar, Mrs. Dustbin is ready to serve your needs for the wastage.

We are certified, green, and provide the best cost. Give the trash into money! Our customer team is ready to answer your queries. Feel free to call us today for a free quote.

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