About Us

Mrs Dustbin is a startup that gives you a chance to take part to build an Eco-friendly environment and earn from waste around you.

Doesn't matter what kind of waste you have , We are working in all kind of waste. So just let us know about the same and we are there to help you. All kind of waste has a value you just need the right person to sell it.

The Co-founder of Mrs. Dustbin - Mr. Mukesh Rao with Partnership of Miss. Shikha

What We Do?

We work as a waste managers of society and provide you a online platform to request to sell or donate your waste. We provide pickup of trash from industries, school, colleges, societies, malls, banks etc...You just need to call us on our given number or just submit the inquiry form from the contact us page and our expert team will get back to you ASAP with the exact solution you look. They will also suggest you the best tentative price.

Mrs Dustbin is an online platform where you can sell all kind of trash & get the right price for it.

What Is Our Goal?

We want to create a bridge between the people and waste recycling. So, we can make a zero waste society. Today almost 90% of people have no idea about the waste management. So, we as a company have taken a initiative to make the society waste free. And make people understand your waste can also changed in to revenue. Once our society will understand the idea to in-cash the waste on that day we can make the society waste free and support the internment.